A Rainbow is still present through the clouds

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“Do Not fear little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom”

Luke 12:32

How did I end up in this situation is the question that keeps rewinding and playing over and over again in my mind. Its like having the same track on a CD loop continuously and there’s no one to turn it off.  What situation you may ask? How did I end up in the position of making a transition in my career with no sure back up plan.  There’s no easy answer to the question, as many of you can attest life just happens, there are peaks and valleys we all experience.   For me it’s a matter of timing one day I’m working at a college institution doing what I love administration and coaching the next day I’m tired of the same routine and feel a strong desire for a change and a move to the next level so I leave.  Is this God’s plan? was I crazy to take this leap of faith, believing that the doors of opportunity would open once I left my previous job in search of greener pastures. if so how can this be?  I battle the spirit of fear constantly, yet there is a sense of adventure in all of this.  I’ve made the final cut for the position of Athletic Director at two institutions, which is encouraging yet disappointing after not landing either.  God are you sure my next stop is to become a full time administrator I ask?

This time in my life is what I like to call my “Job” moment.  Job was a man of character in the Bible who had everything going for him, until the Devil convinced God to remove the protective hedge from around his life. It was at that moment the Devil was confident Job would curse God once he was overcome with calamity. Have you ever asked the question why do bad things happen to good people?  Instead of blaming God for allowing all of the terrible things that took place, Job proved to be a man of incredible faith. He sought God’s presence even more during the trying times and continued to give God thanks for all that he had, can you imagine that you lose everything and continue to thank God?  A pastor of a local church that has become a good friend, put it this way, “Most people shrink or move further away from God when tough times strike, and they should do the complete opposite, that’s the time to move closer”

I have to disclose when I did not land the positions I was in no mood to celebrate God, however over the past few weeks, things have been put into perspective, its not the end of the world and quite a number of colleague, friends and others who care about me, have said there is something better for you. I have a hard time believing that, but if I’m really a man of faith it is now “D” day.  Do I believe in the word of God that he will reward my faithfulness and take care of me or do I believe that he has abandoned me?  The world did not end when I received the disappointing news, the sun continues to shine, my family loves me, I’m still impacting young people, I’m not broke (yet) and my health is very good. Despite not knowing where this journey will take me and where I’ll land, when I think about everything that I have going for me there is plenty to give thanks for.

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  1. Tony,

    God is good. HE has a plan for you that has not been unveiled as of yet. All of the coaching, recruiting, mentoring, administrative work were mere tests in life to prepare you for good and better things to come. God knows you passed each one with flying colors and tremendous faith. He is still our Savior, our Judge, Our God…He will reward you….as He rewarded each one of us with your presence. Peace my friend…


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