Are sports heroes allowed to be victors and victims?

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Romans 3:23 ” There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.


What a week it has been in the world of sports notably the coverage of Lance Armstrong and Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o.  The plight of these two individuals are on every sports  talk show and sports column.  In no time every detail of their personal and professional lives will be uncovered and on display to raise questions of their  character and integrity.

My take on the subject is different  I do not question if or why they lied or what led Armstrong to cheat to ” level the playing field”.  Unlike many of my peers and colleagues in the sports business, I don’t share in the age old sentiment “Sports builds character” no I believe “Sports reveals character”.

My question to all of the people who are so interested in the stories and find a sadistic enjoyment of watching these two sports figures lives get torn to shreds is this ; what did you expect of them?  do fans really believe that athletes are superhuman? a special breed that are flawless in every area of their lives.  Why are they being judged so harshly? oh I forgot our halos are on straight.

Perhaps there is a feeling of let down when you want to believe in an individual who has overcome tremendous obstacles to win a major event or a player who continues to perform at the highest level despite losing those individuals closest to him.  There is something in the American psyche that makes us root for individuals who persevere , so I can see that side of the argument. Perhaps their trial in the court of public opinion stems from envy. Covetous feelings of their fame and fortune because they are living a life that many of us will never know.

Ask any high profile athlete and they will agree the media is a two edged sword, when its in your favor it can build you up to lofty heights and with that comes financial and other rewards.  However when the media discovers your faults they attack with a vengeance and resolve to bring you back down to earth with a loud thud!

I certainly am in no position to judge or defend either Armstrong or Te’o they will have to answer the questions for themselves. God knows I have plenty of faults, maybe not on the scale of using performing enhancing drugs when I was a competitive athlete , or fabricating the death of a make believe girlfriend to garner attention, I’m so thankful I grew up before the explosion of the internet and social media.  However as God’s word tell us we all have faults, let not one of us harshly judge of our brothers when the speck in our eye still remains.

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  1. Well said Tony! Society criticizes celebrity athletes when the exhibit the same behavior as the average person and are quick to judge and label him or her a “bad role model” when in fact parents should not rely on celebrity athletes, singers or actors to be their children’s role model instead be such a positive influence in your child’s life that only you and God can hold that position

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