Heavy is the head that wears the crown

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Arod 1Alex Rodriguez has become the poster child for the corruption of baseball and PED’s. His very presence on the baseball field while MLB continues to investigate how many players have cheated conjures up all kinds of reactions. In every ball field he is soundly booed, ridiculed, mocked and insulted, yet he’ maintained a level of self control or complete  oblivion as to what’s really at stake.  My take on the matter is uniquely different, Rodriguez has admitted taking performance enhancing drugs during a time they were not listed on the banned substance list, what he’s being persecuted for is allegedly covering up and lying about his recent involvement with a Florida based company that was marketing the drug.  Which if proven true speaks to a character flaw of the man .

However let’s start from the beginning, what Alex Rodriguez has done is nothing new, he chose to make a deal with the devil for riches and fame, and what he found is the same result Adam and Eve discovered, when you befriend a snake you get bitten. In other words there is always a cost to pay and it never works in your favor. The devil has a way of making things we desire look very attractive remember in Genesis 3 he appealed to Eve’s senses with the temptation of the forbidden fruit.  Rodriguez was wiling to bet it all to be the best player in baseball. That was the start of his downfall. In 2000 he signed a $252 million dollar contract with the Texas Rangers making him the highest paid player of all time.  That put him in the center of controversy, he wore the bullseye every time he stepped out of the dugout , how can any one be worth that amount of money to play a sport? Why doesn’t Tom Hicks the owner of the Rangers at the time and Scott Boras the agent that negotiated the deal receive the same level of visceral hatred?

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Rodriguez had to live up to unrealistic expectations after signing the deal and he believed the best way to do that was to seek assistance in the form of drugs. Drugs that gave him more power to hit home run’s and durability to endure a 162 game regular season while being a solid defender at shortstop before moving to third with the Yankees. Alex desperately wanted to be well liked and just one of the guys, not realizing that could never happen, because he was set apart not just by talent but through the envy of his peers and being despised by Joe average, whose wife and girlfriends swooned over Rodriguez good looks.  If I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Rodriguez ,I would ask him was the money and fame worth it? your career and reputation are in ruins, eventually many of your accomplishments may be wiped off the books as if you never played, at this point a trip to Cooperstown seems unlikely. Did you count the costs of agreeing to a contract with el diablo ?  For some the desire to be rich and famous outweigh the risks, however in the end they all have to pay their debt and its never a happy ending.  Adam and Eve should serve as examples to all of the ultimate price you pay for dealing with the devil.

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