Jeremy Lin & The Masters Race!

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Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize?  Run in such a way as to get the prize.” 1 Corinthians 9:24

Lin-sanity is at an all time high as the young seemingly overnight sensation continues to make big plays and help the New York Knicks basketball franchise continue their climb out of the Atlantic and Eastern Conference basement.  I have to admit the young man has made me a believer and it doesn’t hurt that he too is a Christian and is unafraid to acknowledge how blessed he is and whom is responsible.  However there is another important message that hopefully young people are noticing and that is the message of hope.  Lin is living proof that if you have strong faith and belief in your talents despite how bad things may appear and you do not quit or give up dreams can come true.   Jeremy Lin reminds us all that if you want something bad enough and are committed not to let negative experiences derail your plans anything is possible.  He also demonstrates the importance of staying ready and being prepared when you finally get your shot (pun intended).

Imagine if Jeremy gave up on the idea that he could make a living as a pro ball player and wallowed in self pity after being cut by 2 teams, passed over by others and regulated to the end of the Knicks bench?  He obviously kept himself in great shape and continued to practice and train hard, he also spent his time wisely studying game film and learning the offensive system, for such a time as this.  No one can predict when the door of opportunity will open and how it will happen; God is not subject to our time table and need for immediate gratification.  Jeremy Lin is a testimony of the trials one must go through before God can truly elevate you onto the big stage.   The next time you’re feeling down and depressed because God has not answered your prayers, consider the current tribulations you are experiencing as boot camp, God is preparing you for your moment in the spotlight, he wants to make sure you can handle it and in return all he asks is that you do not forget him once you arrive!

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