Nobody beats the King!

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“If you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength”

Proverbs 24:10

As I awoke from a quick nap just in time to watch the final moments of game 5 of the NBA finals, I felt a sense of joy and jubilation, not because I’m a fan of the heat, rather for the vindication of Lebron James.  It was no secret to those in my circle that I was pulling for him to capture his first championship.  Lebron’s victory is an example of how faith and mercy can propel many of us to the finish line.  This young man has faced so much scrutiny for making a business decision , one which proved to be correct, that he’s become public enemy #1.

What I admire most about Lebron was the maturity he’s displayed this season,he    answered the critics including myself who questioned whether he had that X factor true champions exhibit during the clutch. He showed great humility, Romans 12:3 warns us not to think more highly of ourselves a lesson Lebron forgot last season. In his own words he did a lot of soul searching after last seasons embarrassing championship defeat and you can see he was humbled.  God will move when you remove yourself out of the equation and remember he’s the reason  you are in the position to receive the blessing.  Lebron did prophesy that he would bring another championship to Miami , but he was relying on his strength and talent to carry him to the top and less on the God who gave him the talent.   James 1:17-18 reminds us that every good and perfect gift is from above.

As I watched the Heat’s run to the championship, one thought kept replaying in my mind, it was a word that God revealed to me weeks before during a Wednesday night Bible study, God said to me “perseverance is an action word people get stuck and quit when times are tough, but those who experience the joy of the Lord are those who continue to walk in faith”. Lebron’s quest for that elusive ring bore this out. If anyone had reasons to doubt and accept mediocrity or fall victim to all of the negative voices it was Lebron, however he kept walking, kept believing and continued to work he didn’t sit with his hands tied waiting on God to move, he removed his ego and followed that up with action, once he moved God had no choice but to move, God reminded me that blessings come after an act of obedience, well done Lebron, just remember there is only one KING!

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