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Tony addresses a large crowd at the Olive Tree Bookstore Celebration

Tony on Youtube

Listen to Tony’s interview on the Jordan Levy show watch?v=zA2PTgOjqxw


Tony’s interview on Fox 25 Sports

Featured story in the Bay State Banner

Tony Price,named to Unity First Magazine “Men who lead by example” page 15

Tony’s interview with hoops

Feature Story in the Randolph Herald

Tony at Father & Sons event, Madison Square Garden

“This was inspirational and you are correct, we have always told our children how proud we are when they accomplish anything that they do and it does mean so much more to hear that from your parents. Even in this time, we both give constant reassurance that they have two parent who love them very much, though we are not together we will always love them,  and you can actually see immediate impact when we say it to them.  They perk up a little and their faces get a little brighter. The message of unconditional love is so necessary.  This is extremely important for parents to tell this to their children who have separated or divorced. It is so true that words mean a lot and unfortunately often people don’t always understand the power within them and why we should be careful not careless with them”.

Bobby V. Boston Celtics Organization

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