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Excellent read for anyone interested in becoming a coach but more importantly becoming a positive influnence in a young person’s life. Dennis Wright, President of 100 Black Men Greater Fort Lauderdale, former Auburn University Tiger
“Look beyond the title, Tony Price’s book is for everyone.  If you don’t stop and reflect upon your life journey, or reassess how it’s presently going, like he did in An Unsung Coach, as you are reading, obviously your life is perfect and no need to do anything. Price should be admired for sharing some very personal points, albeit life-changing moments in his life for use as illustrations.  He also wrote a mini-dictionary as he uniquely redefined such long-honored and much misunderstood terms as “success” and “winning.” This is not a must-read, but a must have.
Charles Hallman, Staff writer/columnist, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

In An Unsung Coach: Tony Price has woven a multifaceted and enlightening manifesto that provides a blueprint on how to be successful in the challenging game of life, while also engaging in a problem-based case study that addresses a collective of issues pertaining to the plight of African Americans in today’s sports industry. Price’s reflections will inspire you to reevaluate your definition of success. Price highlights a myriad of socioeconomic and political issues that plague Black athletes in sports today. He offers solutions to these issues and challenges you to engage in a critical examination of the core values of the African American community. Mr. Oluwole O.

“Tony Price has found an important focus in bridging basketball and the realities of life goals. He’ll always be my eloquent coach, but now his voice resonates off the court, too. And, often, that’s where it matters
J. Ham
I was truly inspired by Coach Price’s book to continue to pursue my dreams.  I too come from an inner city and know what its like to ‘make it’ out while some others around me did not.  As a fellow coach, it makes you take a closer look as to how you can affect your players in a more positive way. It was hard to put the book down.  An Unsung Coach is a MUST read for all not just coaches!
Jada P. Army Women’s Basketball

Wow I just want to tell you I really enjoyed the book. It was very inspiring
and very well written.. Not  a long read but some great quotes and different
views on things. You know in the game of basketball different terminology and
drills are all shared and recycled.. Get ready to have some of your things
recycled in the Coach Heard library!
M.Clark-Heard, University of Louisville Women’s Basketball
2008-09 National Runner-ups
A very refreshing look at the art of coaching.   After reading Coach Price’s book I was reminded of why I chose to become a coach.  Touching the lives of young people and allowing them to dream through your example is a great story.   Whether you’re an athlete, an aspiring coach or have been coaching for several years, “An Unsung Coach hears through the noise of a Black Athlete’s Dream” will motivate you to reach for more and to become the best you can be.  D. La-Force Mann Head Coach Northeastern University
I had the chance to read “An Unsung Coach” and was fortunate enough to secure an interview with Tony for our magazine , I truly enjoyed the book, as a youth coach myself I found the book filled with helpful insight and information , I highly recommend the book.
Ryan McNeil, Editor hoopsaddict.com
After reading AN UNSUNG COACH, I was left thinking about the importance of being well-respected versus well-liked. That area definitely struck me. I had never pondered the difference much, and as a young coach, I am happy that this epiphany hit me now, rather than at the end of my career. The anecdotes that you share, both your interactions with your youth coaches and your interactions with an impressionable 5th grader later in life, really resonated with me in understanding how profound a coaches words can be. As soon as I finished the book, I felt that I needed to better define my OWN values as a coach and person.
Mindy W, Simmons College Aquatics Dir/ Head Swim Coach

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